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Links I've collected over the last few years that are helpful for new writers.

Interview with Alex Ross, creater of a management company that has discoveredmany screenplays and screenwriters. The interview discusses the biz of Hollywoodfor a budding screenwriter. It clears up many questions.

2) http://queryletters.b...

Hollywood Script Reader's Blog? This guy/gal publishes real loglines from query letters she/he's actually come across. Great for learning what NOT to do.


Register and then post your screenplay shorts for FREE on Inktip. If your loglinecatches their eye, you'll get honest queries from student filmmakers, new productioncompanies, all of which are looking for shorts to produce. Inktip will also listfeatures, however, that costs 60$/for 6 months. Read their updates to see howmany screenwriters are being optioned.


Register to protect your works with Write Vault.

5) http://www.copyright....

US copyright office registration forms for registering your scripts. WGA willwork for shopping your script around, but if and when you get that first bitefrom a production company, consider an additional copyright.


Column archive that gives a frightening picture of the film industry and howit relates to you, the writer. This is a MUST READ forevery new screenwriter. If you read these columns, and emerge confident and challengedto rise above the rest, you're on the right track. If his advice scares the pantsoff you, it's suppose to. But don't let it kill you.

7) http://www.writerssto...

Do you need to live in Hollywood to make it as a screenwriter? Apparently not.There are challenges to making it outside 'smogville' but it can be done. Andthis writer will share their experiences.

8) http://damnblonde.blo...

This blog is written by the only person to win Austin and Nicholls screenwritingcontests in the same year. She is now a reader for Nicholls so peel your eyesopen and pay attention to her words. This blog is a goldmine.

10) http://www.kullervo.c...

Not for the faint of heart, but here is a list of "mistakes" you mightbe making when soliciting your scripts.

Written by a repeated contest winner, and despite their number of scripts andawards is still unrepresented, and unsold.

11) http://twoadverbs.web...

The process of building your logline.

12) http://screenwritersm...

Low budget film companies soliciting for projects. Be safe when applying.

13) http://davidspies.wor...

Great example of a query letter for reference.

About Writing Screenplays


0) BEGINNERS: START HEREhttp://www.howtowrite...

Presented by Creative Screenwriting Magazine

1) http://www.screenplay...

Great Explanation of Plot Structure

2) http://www.movieclich...

Avoid cliches when you write so that your story is as original as possible.

3) http://darkwing.uoreg...

Dialogue tips by Robert McKee. I'd print this out if I were you. Universitiesdo not allow websites by students online to remain after graduation. (usually)She could be an instructor.


Ask John August, professional Screenwriter. IMDB archives letters folks havewritten in that have been answered by John August (Charlie and the ChocolateFactory, Charlie's Angels, Corpse Bride, etc.)

5) http://www.wordpool.c...

Writing screenplays for children. Learn some of the differences writing for ayoung audience requires when it comes to producing material for them.


Learn how to write effective loglines.

8) http://www.ewriterspl...

Pitching the perfect pitch.


Hate MS Word? Can't afford Final Draft? Script Buddy is a free or low cost servicethat allows you to write your scripts online. It automatically formats your scriptsas you write them! (Well, you have to come up with the story.) Check out theirproducts to see which one suits you best. Great for online collaborations as well.

10) http://www.scriptnurs...

Script Nurse offers a great article on creating the dreaded synopsis.


Hints on Photoplay Writing Copyright 1915. Read the first8 pages and you'll realize how much screenplay writing hasn't changed in thelast 90 or so years. Delightful read. Thanks to David D. for sending this linkin.

12) http://owl.english.pu...

Active versus Passive voice. Always aim for the active verb when describing actions.

13) http://www.pickthebra...

George Orwell hits upon 5 tips to Effective Writing.

Original Complete Essay:


Building great characters (science fiction): As relayed by 6 authors.

15) http://www.xtranormal...

Run some your dialog through some talking animated characters.

Agent or Management Related

How to approach an Agent (link from WGA-East)


Film Related Links


Digital video website comparisons. This article rates the various services. Ifyou have a short film or trailer completed and you want to share it without payingfor the hosting or bandwidth, these are the services you use.

Top 50 Movie Endings of all Time.

Commonalities between Oscar winning films over the last 9 decades. This is aneditorial piece by Michael Wilmington, the Chicago Tribune's movie critic.


Reference Links


Need some official police officer jargon for your script. Listen to it live.


Need to know what LA looks like but you can't fly there to check it out? UseGoogle Maps Street View to take your own virtual tour. They've indexed Dallas.Check out this link of the restaurant where we meet every month!

Are you writing about a real event and you need historical eyewitness reports/stories?Look no further.


How you place your hands and feet says a lot about you.

Interview with a former FBI agent about body positions and the emotions they emit.


Newsletters you SHOULD be receiving. Job Board: I've seen a lot of production companies solicit for writerson their weekly newsletter.

Creative Screenwriting Magazine.

Occasionally there are great mini articles in each installment.


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