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2010.04.19 | Screenwriting


In 1994, I took a leap of faith in myself and moved to the soul crushing state of California. The promise I made to myself post graduation is that I would not waste my theatre degrees on any fast food restaurant employment. That promise paid off after a summer of unemployment and I found myself quickly on my way to becoming a family member of South Coast Repertory for the next five years.

Secretly I have always wanted to make films, but you do what you have to do to get to do what you want to do.  My university didn’t have a film “making” degree, only a film history, so I stuck with theatre for the experience that would set up the rest of my life. It was probably a good choice because theatre is so much more visceral than film making. You’re IN it, live and uncensored. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer the film media when it comes to creation, but nothing beats seeing the real tears of an actor fall on to a black floor in that final monologue that will cinch together the last two hours of story telling.

I’m not sure I have a point with this post, other than to say that while I felt kicked out by Los Angeles in 2003, I am giving it the finger and coming back.  That city is the hub of my chosen career, and like it or not, LA has to take me back.  Screw all of your chintzy little crime makers that break into poor filmmaker’s cars to steal fifty cents. And screw the lying producers of a film that said we’d rather stop filming than go union and give the crew health care. And finally,  screw you Hollywood sign that no one but those who do not fear being arrested can visit.  I’m coming back with a vengeance.

I will miss my family and my friends here in Dallas, but the nose must follow the work. I have had some good responses from a big agency and my scripts are being thrown about by  my hard working manager. LA is where it all condenses into one gigantic melting pot of creation, so that’s where I will go.  Also, possible work lies ahead with a company I won’t mention because I don’t think they’re ready to go public, but if they do, BAM! watch out…because they’re going to steamroll a few media companies down with their concept.

So Los Angeles, I bid you hello and… Suck it, I’m on my way back.


I’m reminded of the last ghost in the Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland: “Hurry baack, Hurry baaaack!!!”

Matches Malone ( April 19, 2010 at 3:12 pm )

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