Never upstage a clown.

2015.03.03 | Random

This evening’s Twitter hashtag game was to state reasons why you were fired from a job in two words. My answer: Upstaged Clown. #ReasonYouWereFiredInTwoWords  The hashtag immediately brought forth some sour memories as a college student, drudging through a small town trying to find ANY job that has even a shred of connection to the Performing Arts. […]


My memories of Mr. Nimoy

2015.03.02 | Random

It’s been a couple days since the world lost Mr. Nimoy, and not many people who know me now, know that I have a deep connection with Star Trek. Sometimes it’s embarrassing to let people know this information, especially if someone willingly laughs at you for being in an inconsolable state of drunken shock when […]


2015 aka Don’t Mess with Me, Man.

2014.12.28 | Random

I am going to have to wrap up 2014 on a down note. I’m usually a great optimist, and I try to live in the moment but several situations have negated this possibility for the start of the year. 1) I lost a friend that I no longer communicated with over inane roommate complications.  There was no […]


The end of a useless experiment.

2014.08.09 | Random

I recently spent some time on twitter in an attempt to learn why certain keywords trend; whether they’re paid for as an advertisement or truly blooming as a result of the population. While searching #disneyland, because I was sure it was a trending topic as a result of advertisement (I was wrong), I chose to […]


Writing at Home can Make Jane a Dull Dull Girl.

2014.06.06 | Random, Screenwriting

Stuck in a rut? Ideas lodged in the mud with the coffee maker you hurdled over the balcony last week because it wouldn’t work any longer? Get your ass outside. I’ve joined a production to help me in my quest to find inspiration. It’s good to be a part of The Haircut, and you can […]


The joys of just being a number.

2014.01.11 | Random

This little entry will entail what it’s like to have your apartment building purchased. So far, it’s been pretty humiliating. A few months ago, our new “owners” came by with cheerful smiles and attitudes. It seemed to reflect what we thought (or I thought) was a future rainbow focused on new beginnings. They were pleasant […]


Wanted: 2D Animator seeking story.

2013.08.22 | Screenwriting

I’ve decided to go forth and produce/direct a short that was relinquished back to me from a busy production company that bought it but couldn’t schedule in a time to film my little baby. I now feel this short will benefit greatly as an animated piece rather than shot due to complications like finding a […]


All the Pretty People

2013.04.10 | Random, Screenwriting

This post goes out to all employers, both in showbiz and outside of it. You come off as a holy-rolling twat cake when you ask nay, require an applicant to submit a photograph for a job that doesn’t need a special ‘look’ or ‘appearance’ to get the job. I’m not talking about jobs like actor, model, […]


The Demise of WriteSafe.Com?

2013.04.05 | Screenwriting

WriteSafe.Com is was a repository for writers to upload their scripts, stories and other writing related materials with a goal to time stamp them for intellectual property protection.  It’s not legally very powerful from the standpoint of a copyright or even a Writer’s Guild registration, but it did serve as a way to protect one’s […]


Taking the Mystery Away from Flash Animation Projects

2013.04.01 | Random

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing with a fresh-faced company aiming to deliver a high quality product without the mystery of pricing. What a mouthful, but wait, there’s more. The outcome of the interview is still up in the air and before someone screams brown-noser, I debated for a bit on whether to publish […]