Wanted: 2D Animator seeking story.

2013.08.22 | Screenwriting

I’ve decided to go forth and produce/direct a short that was relinquished back to me from a busy production company that bought it but couldn’t schedule in a time to film my little baby. I now feel this short will benefit greatly as an animated piece rather than shot due to complications like finding a highly trained animal on a tiny budget.

It’s a romance comedy, so I envision a soft pencil sketch (in color) animation, similar to Bill Plympton but maybe even “sketchier” or “softer” if that’s a more appropriate.

I’m currently seeking stills from other films to illustrate what’s in my head in terms of style.

So if you’re a 2D animation artist interested in joining forces with me, we can discuss how we’ll get paid.

We can either work our asses off for free and split any income/awards derived from it’s sale or perhaps create a kickstarter. Note: after much thought, I don’t have the heart to ask anyone to work for free, so I’m already planning a kickstarter campaign with a low but comparable budget in mind.

I’m willing to put in 110% of my passion and time, so if you are too, hit me up with a demo reel or resume.

This film has promise and it’s family friendly, so it knows no bounds.

Title: Middle Ground

Length: 6 pages.

Tagline:  When Robert and Brenda met, they thought they had nothing in common…  They were wrong.

Synopsis: A stray dog interrupts the comings and goings of  a chubby man out for a burger and a health conscious woman attending a yoga class. When the animal is injured, they find a middle ground between their differences and come together to save him from certain death.

Notes: The film relies heavily on visual communication, and limited dialog.  Approximately six minutes long.

Previous Reader comments :

“I think this is really cute…” Adryenn, 21st Century Pictures Group

“That was really nice. A great read.”  Richard, Actor

“(This) had the sensibility of and read very much like Pixar’s shorts.” Brian Alexander – Artfire Films

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