Fox in a Corner

2015.03.22 | Random

It was 1983 and Mr. Fox was planning to get married. He had arrived in Los Angeles to tie the knot with his betrothed but like many love connections, he quickly learned that the family of the bride-to-be was not keen on living arrangements coupled with sin, so he was forced to quickly find a cheap […]


Top Five Moments as a Production Assistant aka Gopher

2015.03.12 | Screenwriting

One of my most loved and used pieces of advice when talking to new writers is to get out and actually make a film before you attempt to write one. Is it mandatory? No. Will it improve your writing? Yes, in folds. But with the folding comes delight, terror, and humor. Here are my top […]


Never upstage a clown.

2015.03.03 | Random

This evening’s Twitter hashtag game was to state reasons why you were fired from a job in two words. My answer: Upstaged Clown. #ReasonYouWereFiredInTwoWords  The hashtag immediately brought forth some sour memories as a college student, drudging through a small town trying to find ANY job that has even a shred of connection to the Performing Arts. […]


My memories of Mr. Nimoy

2015.03.02 | Random

It’s been a couple days since the world lost Mr. Nimoy, and not many people who know me now, know that I have a deep connection with Star Trek. Sometimes it’s embarrassing to let people know this information, especially if someone willingly laughs at you for being in an inconsolable state of drunken shock when […]