It’s okay to be cheesy.

2009.09.19 | Uncategorized

Ah, the smooth sounds of Careless Whisper…yes by George Michaels, but wait, there are no words and I feel as if I’ve just taken a valium.

We’ve all been stuck in an elevator with Musak playing in the background. It’s popular to hate this easy going style of music, but I offer up reason to keep it alive.

I’m here to tell you, it’s not a sin to like Musak. Some of my favorites evoke a giddy laughter that only a good joke can muster, and that my friends, is something. Personally, I prefer the smoother and more smarmy tones of A Man and a Woman by Sir Julian, but I’ll take a Careless Whisper anyday.

When was the last time you actually stepped into an elevator that played Musak. I can’t remember when. It needs to be brought back. I’m stuck listening to it on MSN Radio. The world would be different if more Musak played in the world’s elevators.

Think about the tone of the room in the Al-Jazeera news paper offices when asked to evacuate their building because it’s being shut down again for promoting terrorism. Can you picture the staff standing there fully enshrined in Ghutras on their last elevator ride down with The Girl From Ipanema cordially accompanying them on the way down? Priceless.

Muzak is here to stay folks and I’m sorry to say it’s because of people like me. I can’t stand an uphappy world and Musak brings in da joy.

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