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2013.01.28 | Mugshot

Hullaballoo! My first Writer’s Mug Submission!

Brought to you by @mjvalquist, a screenwriter out of Los Angeles.
Jane Valquist enjoys long walks by the beach, a lovely picnic in the park…oh wait, I’m wrong… she’s a “Screenwriter~Red Wine & Beer Connoisseur~Big Ass German Dog Rescuer~Cartoon Watcher~Soccer Lover~Unashamed 80s Music Fan~Wii Bowling Master”.

She sounds like me minus the German and plus Papillion in the dog department. Oh, and replace soccer with vodka.

Nan gifted her this mug as a joke because Jane is the vertically challenged one in the family. This is also a great mug for swilling copious amounts of caffeine molecules. I like it.


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