The Power of Caffeine on the Written Word.

2013.01.28 | Mugshot

Whether you ingest it via coffee, tea or swill those heart attacks in a bottle (uber caffeinated sodas), there’s one thing you can say for a lot of writers: The words don’t flow until the machine percolates.

I have several favorite mugs, and each one serves a special purpose when I’m writing and this section will be devoted to other writers and their nursing cup of choice.

I’ll start with my,  “I have to do a lot of work, so “leave me be” mug”.

The delicate phrasing applies to me (don’t get distracted, Lane), and to everyone else (too bad my dog can’t read).

This writer has to write. Stand back.

Note: This mug usually works best without wearing pants.



The acquisition of mug is actually recent to my collection. It was given to me for Christmas (2012) by a photographer friend who is also my neighbor. She knows me well, I think.


What mug get’s your writer words typing?

Share stories about your inspiratorial ceramics and drink concoctions with me.

I’ll link your bio and cup to any blog, twitter or facebook page you want.

Email me ( a:

  • a photo of the mug
  • how you came across the mug
  • a short paragraph bio about yourself
  • your favorite drink in said mug
  • your favorite writing genre
  • your favorite writer(s)
  • url link you want me to use in the post

I’ll post it here and maybe throw you a couple extra questions in the process.


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