Facing Fear of Failure

2017.04.08 | Random

The 3 ‘F’s.

I recently embarked on creating a non profit to improve diversity in the entertainment industry.

As a woman I’ve faced my own issues climbing up my own ladder in the film industry, but I know there are others that face a larger more complex battle than my own. And those are the people I’m trying to help.

Every step I take to decide HOW I will do this opens a very large door at a precipice that looks squarely down at a grey murky river of FAIL that will sweep me down to god knows where.

Each time I take that step through that particular doorway, however, a bridge appears because I conjured one up with education and knowledge.

But each doorway I have to step through brings the same fear, as if I never learned from the first one and the gut feelings that wrack my brain, to keep me from achieving my goals take root again.

I want my non-profit to make a difference in a very saturated world where so many have gone before me so the fear is real:

Fear that I will not accomplish my goals.

Fear that my attempts will be too small to make a difference.

Fear that my intended audience does not embrace my mission and fall in love with the services I’m developing FOR them.

And there’s nothing I can do except face it again and again. Because that’s what we do as artists. We jump and then discover we can fly.


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