Question posed: Has anyone else been completely invested in a long series/book only to get to end and be completely disappointed?

2017.02.01 | Random

The question was posed on reddit today, the link will take you to other people’s answers but here’s mine:

I would say that I never reached the end of the series because I felt duped at a point before the end.

Long story short, my father introduced me to the Left Behind series because I was in the middle of a spiritual quest at the time and he knew I also loved science fiction so he asked me to give them a chance.

I was fascinated by apocalyptic fiction as well so I gave the first one a read. It was average in expressing itself language wise, but I did grow to like/tolerate the characters.

Then I read the second book…didn’t think much of it, and then the third book arrived on my doorstep.

I realized that “Jesus” was never going to come to Earth in these books because it was just a fucking money machine. The authors weren’t interested in spreading the Word, they just wanted eyes on their books for as long as possible.

They dangled Jesus like a fucking carrot.

The third book went into the trash half read, and I never looked back.

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